Sunday, 24 July 2016

Egg muffin

Eat Well for Less is back on.  Three cheers.  There's been some great recipes so far: this one is very, very simple but doesn't appear on their recipe site, so here it is here.

Put a little bit of butter in a cup and microwave it for ten seconds.

Add an egg and some milk, some salt and some pepper and a bit of grated cheese.  Mix it all together - just mix, not whisk.

Cook in the microwave.  It took mine 90 seconds on 6.  In the programme it said a minute so I guess they used higher power.

Split and toast an English muffin.

Pop the cooked egg on one half of the toasted muffin and top it with the other half.  Done.  It's so, so simple and tasty and I found it surprisingly filling.

(the muffin is home made, but it doesn't have to be)


  1. I saw that and though it was a good idea - I used to do some thing similar in the caravan as it makes very little washing up.

  2. It was so, so simple to make too. Definitely one to go on the 'regular' list.
    J x

  3. tried it and its badass