Wednesday, 13 July 2016

A quick and fake 'pizza'

A cheat, for sure, but it was actually very tasty so I am sharing

The base was a small tortilla wrap which I placed on some parchment on a circular plate that goes in the halogen.

The sauce was ten mls each of tomato ketchup, tomato puree, a home made spicy sauce (use brown sauce) and a squeeze of garlic puree, all mixed together.  Spread that over the base.

I gently fried some thinly sliced onion, yellow pepper, one baby corn and a few mushrooms in a bit of coconut oil, then spread it all over the base.  Grate over some pepper and sprinkle over one dried herbs of choice.

Halve six pitted olives and spread them over.

The cheese was some feta, about a quarter of a small, savers pack, crumbled over the toppings.

Then it went in Handy Andy for ten minutes at 175C.

Dead easy and surprisingly tasty, if a long way from traditional!


  1. Sounds great.I too have tried in doing pizza. It has come out good and all in my house like it.

  2. :-) One to do again, for sure.