Saturday, 25 October 2014

Lentil, chicken and veg soup

I'm making this a new entry because it's delicious although a very, very simple addition to my last entry.

Make the carrot, sweet potato and lentil soup as below.  

Then add some frozen mixed veg and some chopped chicken.  I used uncooked chicken but it would be an ideal way to use those little bits that come off when you have boiled a chicken carcass.  Amounts are to your own taste really but if you think of those plastic takeaway containers, I used a containerful of veg and the equivalent of one small chicken breast but I had already consumed some of the soup.

I just boiled it all up on 100, reverse speed 2 (reverse speed is important or it will all just mush up) until the veg was cooked (the chopped chicken took only minutes to cook, of course).  That's all!

Looking forward to lunch now!

Here's the original recipe again:

two carrots, peeled and chopped
one small sweet potato, peeled and chopped.
about 1/4 of a bag of fresh soup mix veg (Morrisons - still brill value)
soft butter
2 knorr veg stock pots
a good pinch of mixed, dried herbs
a grinding of pepper
four tbsp red lentils
boiling water

Put the vegetables in the bowl and add the butter.
Mix on 4, reverse speed 4 for about 5 seconds

saute on 100, reverse speed 2 for 10 minutes, pushing down the sides if needed

Add the remaining ingredients with enough boiling water to reach the 2 litre mark

Cook on 100, speed 2, 20 mins.
Allow to cool for a short time, then zizz on 10 for about a minute.

This doesn't make a very thick soup, it makes a more fluid, totally delicious and filling soup.

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