Saturday, 12 October 2013

More about the meal on Sunday

Changed my mind again.  I get worse as I get older.  I think I will do the pork in a more savoury stock and make the spiced apple, plum and onion sauce separately.  That will then give me stock for a nice gravy as well as the sauce.  The apple taste will be there anyway because of the cider.
And the dessert will be this, taken from maggiedon's blog (which I miss now she has stopped posting entries).  Easy, quick and I know it is sc rummy.  One day I will try it with lemon but for tomorow lime will do.
Image taken from Maggie's blog, as referenced above


  1. Hi Joy, lovely to see you found your way to my blog! I've been following here (in my usual silent stalkery way) since discovering yours through Diane as well - isn't it nice to meet new people through common interests? The spiced apple and plum sauce sounds delicious - and versatile as well, if you make enough for leftovers! Hope it turns out well!
    BTW I bought a whole turkey leg after reading your post on how you cooked it and how much meat you got off it, it's nestled - well crammed really - in my freezer for now but soon it will be making making an appearance again!

  2. Hi, welcome!
    I will definitely do the turkey again, it was the best value ever. I hope you enjoy what you make with it too.
    J x