Wednesday, 11 January 2017

A slightly more healthy pizza base . . . perhaps.

In one of the Facebook groups I help to admin, the recipe of the month is yogurt pizza base.  I wondered if I could make it marginally healthier.

This is what I did.

I took 3 tbsp (using a proper 15ml measure) of red lentils and patiently ground them down in Thermione (it took a while) but any processor would do the job.

To that I added 3 tbsp strong flour and 2 tbsp natural yogurt and zizzed it until it formed a nice, smooth dough.
I then wrapped it up and chilled it until this evening. It made a beautifully pliable dough.

I used half for my pizza, rolled it out and put it in an oiled lose bottomed cake tin (so it has little sides). I made a sauce from a squirt of ketchup, a squirt of tomato puree and a little squirt of garlic puree, mixed together.

I softened some onion in a very little butter, adding some sliced yellow pepper and mushroom at the last minute.

On went the cheddar and into a 180C fan oven for about 15 mins.

And it was lovely!  Healthier?  I have no idea.  Cheaper - probably because with the lentils and the cheese, I needed no other protein.

I only used half so I have the other half for tomorrow. I think, maybe a calzone of some kind.

It was a very thin crust, which was what I wanted, but I think next time I will try using SR flour and see if I can get a more 'bready' sort of texture.
Excuses for the ropey photo - I only remembered to take one at the last minute.


  1. Looks like a really nice crisp base no soggy bottoms here

  2. No, no soggy bottoms. :-)
    J x