Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Prepping for Christmas

This isn't a recipe as such, more a time saving idea.

I always prepare my roasties and parsnips for Christmas early and this is what I do.

Peel the veg and cut them into whatever size you will want to serve them as.  Par boil them for about five minutes.

Take them out of the water and place them on a tray with a tea towel under them and leave them to dry and cool.
 Like this
parsnips . . .

. . . and potatoes (I used King Edwards)

When cold, dust them in a half and half mix of flour and semolina.

Then space them out on a tray with parchment or easy-leave underneath.

Cover them with cling film and freeze them.

Once frozen, bag them.  They will stay separate.

Roast as you would normally do.  They come out beautifully crunchy and the spuds are so fluffy.


  1. Do you not find that sometimes, your potatoes go black when cooling?

  2. No, never. That's why I par boil them. Is that what you find?
    J x

  3. Sometimes Joy, I always parboil my roasties but have had in the past, once they are in the air, they turn black. Must be maybe time of year, or type of spud.

    1. If it happens I'll photo it!!
      They don't turn fully black but blacken rather like a cut apple will brown

  4. Strange. How long do you parboil them for and do you salt the water?
    J x

  5. Bring to boil from cold water par boil 8-10 mins depending on how they are doing. Always salt the water.