Thursday, 10 November 2016

My sweet pastry

I won't go into the long rigmarole of how and why, that has been chronicled elsewhere, but suffice it to say, after various trials and tribulations (I'm a terribly pastry maker), I made this up.
That's not to say it is original.  I am absolutely sure that exactly the same recipe will be out there, probably in many different places, but I didn't see them or use them.
This turned out soft and short and melt in the mouth.  Most unusual for me!  It made lovely mince pies!

Ingredients (can be reduced down or increased, of course)
200g plain flour
30g icing sugar
70g Trex (I use Trex because of family vegetarians)
30g butter, diced (I use salted and don't add any other salt.  If you use unsalted, also add a pinch of salt)
1 egg, beaten
milk for glazing

Thermione method
If using granulated sugar, pulse it three or four times to powder it

Add the flour (and salt if needed) and the fats, butter cut into small bits.  Pulse twice, then check and pulse once more if needed (twice was enough for me)

Add the beaten egg and mix on speed 6 for five seconds.  Check and if it hasn't all come together, give it another five seconds.

Tip onto a floured surface, briefly knead into a dough, shape it, wrap it in a poly bag or similar and chill - the longer the better.  I chilled mine overnight.

Then use as needed

The usual method
Put the flour (and salt if needed), the icing sugar and the fats in a bowl and rub the fat into the flour until a breadcrumb consistency is achieved.
Add the beaten egg.  Mix it in with a knife until it all comes together, then knead it briefly with your hands.
Then wrap and chill as above.

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