Sunday, 1 November 2015


I found a slow cooker recipe for pineapple chutney that sounds rather good.  Pineapples tend to be rather expensive so I thought I would use some cans of Savers pineapple (Morrisons).  However, when I went to look there were no tins and not even a label on the shelf.  I checked in My Supermarket and there was nothing there either.  After whinging about it on Facebook, some people said their store still had it and some said not.  I have read and also seen for myself how shops are now cutting down on their value/savers/basics range of food and it upsets me because now more people are going to need them more than ever as the government cuts back increasingly on the incomes of a whole lot of people.  A friend who helps in a food bank told me that the other day desperate people were queueing out of the door and beyond.  Food banks are going to feel the pinch too, if value ranges are cut.


However, for me, a happier ending.  I found Pineapples at 69p in Aldi and they are now on the side, ripening a bit more before I set to and make my chutney.  It will be Christmas pressies and very nice too.

But I worry . . .


  1. I was trying to comment on your Teacher blog but couldn't get in so hopped over here where it seems I can comment. After all that all I was going to say was I've ordered the Leftovers book fro the library and can you see my halo? :-)

  2. Huh! Yes, it is shining so brightly I can see it from here. But I already have the book and have enjoyed what I've seen so far! :-)
    How strange that you can't comment though. Sorry, I have no idea why not.
    J x