Saturday, 3 October 2015

Smoked salmon sarnies

This isn't a recipe, more a serving suggestion.  It's far from original.  It's not extremely frugal but, compared with buying something roughly the equivalent in the shop, it is much better value.  And it's nice.

Slices of home made bread (OK, other breads/rolls will do too but this is what I did!)
a scrape of butter
Some value soft cheese
half a pack of smoked salmon trimmings (the savers/value kind if possible)
some lemon juice (from a bottle)
a little bit of salt and ground black pepper

Scrape just a little bit of butter onto the bread.  Then spread some soft cheese onto the slices.  Not loads but more than the butter.  The idea is to cover the bread so that the lemon juice doesn't sink in and make the bread soggy.
Break up the smoked salmon trimmings and place/spread them on one half of the bread.  Sprinkle over some lemon juice, some black pepper and a very little salt (or leave off the salt as there's plenty in the salmon).  Put the other half of the bread, butter and soft cheese on top and cut into appropriately sized pieces.

If you have lettuce, cucumber, baby spinach or similar, that would be nice in the sandwiches too.  If it's supposed to be posh, garnish with a bit of watercress and a wedge of lemon.

I'm just eating mine and mmmmmm.  I arranged it nicely on a plate to take a photo and then remembered that I've lent my camera to someone.  Sorry!

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