Sunday, 18 October 2015

Chicken with cashew nuts

This is another slow cooker recipe which was posted on a slow cooker group page on Facebook.  Thank you to Heather Lindon for sharing it.  I slightly adapted it by using more liquid in the sauce (wine and flat cola).

It was dead easy.  I bunged all the ingredients in apart from the mushroom, peppers and cashews, turned the slow cooker onto auto and went to the allotment.  When I got home all weary and aching it was fragrant!  What with cooking the rice in Thermione, it was the easiest dinner ever!

Ingredients to serve 2
300g chicken, diced (I used boneless and skinless thighs - great flavour)
2 tbsp flour
mushrooms (I used four chestnut mushrooms)
peppers (I used one and a half yellow peppers because that's what I had)
45g cashew nuts

For the sauce:
some white wine (more than a drizzle, less than a glassful)
some flat cola (ditto)
2 tbsp soy sauce
2 tbsp malt vinegar
2 tbsp ketchup
1 tbsp brown sugar
2 cloves garlic
half tsp fresh ginger, grated

Coat the chicken in flour by putting the chicken in a poly bag, adding the flour and shaking it all well.  Pop the floured chicken into the slow cooker.
Mix together the sauce ingredients and pour over the chicken
Stir well.
Cook on low or auto for 4-5 hours
One hour before end add the chopped peppers and mushrooms and the cashew nuts and stir again.
Cook 1 more hour.
 Serve with rice.


  1. That sounds like a walk in the park and x2 it will feed us all

  2. I actually made half as much again because of the amount of chicken and it made four portions. It was dead easy and I shall be doing it again, for sure! It might be nice with pineapple.
    J x