Saturday, 18 July 2015

A new life

School's out, the holiday has begun, a new life beckons.

Time to sew, time to swim, time to cook or bake and blog about it!

You, my lovely readers are still logging in to read nothing new.  So sorry but I promise I will make it up to you in the next weeks, months and, hopefully, years.

Thank you for staying around!

I have two new books.  Well, one new book and one old book.  The old book is a 'Times book of bread' - at least that's what I think it is called but it's upstairs and I am too lazy to go up and find it.  I looked for it on Amazon after a recommendation in a bread forum and found a hardback in great condition for £1.00 plus postage.  At that price I can forgive that it is primarily written in imperial units (although metric equivalents are given, thank goodness!).  It is a very earnest look at bread making and is dated some time in the 1980s. There's some great looking bread recipes and I would rather like to try one new one each week and, of course, feed back on the results.

The other is a new book called 'Preserving through the year' and it has some really interesting recipes including cordials, etc, as well as the usual jams and chutneys.  I think I will really HAVE to go blackberrying come the autumn.  During the week, yay!

Then I will still be looking out for frugal ways to feed myself too.

Watch this space . . . it should be good!


  1. Looking forward to it, the bread recipes especially. Having only recently found you (via Tracey's blog), I've had to content myself with reading back through your old posts.....some very interesting recipes. My sis in law's a teacher, so I know how busy you are (and how shattered by this time of year).

  2. Exciting times are ahead!
    I'm looking forward to your adventures in preserving, as I'm still too cowardly to do it myself - I can can, pickle and jam vicariously through your efforts!

  3. lol! A lot of preserviung recipes are actually dead easy and it is all rather addictive! Also they make lovely presents!

    Sooze, thanks for posting. I'm glad you like the blog.

    J x