Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Frugal and simple: Egg topping

Borrowed from Google, with thanks.
There's absolutely nothing special about this one - everyone knows it but it is worth remembering the old and simple ideas from time to time.

Makes enough for two.

Hard boil two eggs.
Peel them.
Mash them with some mayo (or I rather like it with good, old fashioned salad cream too).
Add seasoning (remember the mayo has salt).
Add herbs: fresh, chopped chives work well.
It's nice with grated cheese but becomes less frugal

Either cover and chill till needed or eat straight away.
Good for sandwiches, to top crispbread, in a delicious fresh roll or on soda bread, on a pile of shredded lettuce with a side salad, mixed with prawns on lettuce as a starter, etc.

As I say, nothing unique but jolly tasty, especially on these hot days!


  1. To your mix I add some skinned and pipped tomatoes which have had a bit of salt on to drain off some of the liquid otherwise they make the mixture too sloppy. This has to be my favourite sandwich filling.

  2. I love that but the friend who is staying with me cannot have tomato, sadly. It's also nice with a pinch of mustard!
    J x

  3. Hello! Here from Tracey's blog. My mum always added a blob of softened butter to it too. Ergo, me too. Makes it extra tasty!

  4. Yes, that would be lovely. I suspect my mum did too.
    J x