Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Recipe: Simple Rye Bread

I think discovering rye bread will be a journey.  I've found a recipe that involves making a sourdough started for seven days before making the dough and baking but I need time for that.  I carried on searching and found this:  A half and half and I used wholemeal instead of white (a mistake but it was OK)

250g rye flour
250g strong white bread flour (or ditto of wholemeal)
10g fresh yeast or a tsp of the instant dried which is what I used.
1.5 tsp salt
350mls warm water
25g caraway seeds, lightly cracked with a rolling pin (I didn;t have any spo missed this out but will get some next time)


Combine the lot in a bowl and stir with a fork.  Then put in the bowl of a mixer and gove it a good seven minutes at top speed with the dough hook


Put the lot in the bowl of your thermomix and knead for 10 minutes

Line two 1lb loaf tins (or oil and flour)

Divide the dough into two equal amounts.  Shape each into a sausage and place in the tins.
Cover with cling film or a tea towel.
Leave to rise.  It might take a fair old time.
Half an hour before baking, heat the oven up full.  Five minutes before, place a small tin of hot water in the bottom of the hot oven and place a baking sheet on the shelf.

Quickly pop the two loaf tins into the oven and shut the door quickly.  Give them ten minutes and then drop the temperature to 180. Open the oven door for about 20 seconds, then bake for another 20 mins.

Check by turning out each loaf and tapping it underneath.  If it is baked it will sound 'hollow'.

Allow to cool thoroughly before slicing.

It makes a dense, dark loaf that tastes delicious.  Great with strong cheese and chutney or well flavoured meats.  Filling too!

I got the recipe here
and, as you will see, adapted it a little bit.


  1. Oh Lord, rye Bread was always my favourite - tied with sourdough once I discovered it. So nice to read about your experiments!

  2. I think that when I get round to making the rye starter it will make a delicious bread. The feel of the dough was quite disconcerting though! Very different. :-)
    J x

  3. I'm baking bread this morning. I don't get on with sourdough at all. I confess I'm a bit scared of it!!!

  4. I've made a few sourdough things but it's going to take a lot of getting used to, I think. The results are very different.
    J x