Sunday 9 February 2014

Recipe: Jack's apple crumble granola: frugal

I said I would be catching up a bit over the weekend, didn't I?

This recipe is on Jack's site, here.  I won't reproduce it here, so please do go over and look, but will just say that I reduced the cinnamon a bit (about 3/4 tsp instead of a whole tsp) and I added a good drizzle of maple syrup because I wanted to.

The aroma in the house is wonderful, mixing as it does with freshly baked bread and I can see I will just HAVE to buy a bigger kilner jar to hold the granola I make.  It just looks so good in a kilner jar - wholesome, countryish and farm kitchen.  Luckily Morrisons have them at not an incredibly outrageous price.

See what I mean?  Kilners are the way to go!
It is scrummy, tastes a lot more expensive than it actually is (it's actually very reasonable, frugal, in fact) and is a very flexible recipe.  I might use pear next time and come the summer maybe some squished peach or apricot.
I think it would also be gorgeous as an apple crumble topping.

It's supposed to make six portions but I think for me it will be more like eight portions with yoghurt on top.

Thanks, Jack.  Your recipes are almost always wonderful and I can't wait for the book to arrive.


  1. Thank you for posting this - I made it yesterday. It hasn't turned out 'clustery' for me but maybe it would need more fat and sugar to do that. Anyway, it's delicious as it is. Worked out the calories - the recipe makes 390g - 1475 cals, 30g - 113cals, 40g - 151 cals

  2. That's not bad, is it, thanks for working it out. Mine is fragile clustery but not nearly as much as her honey nut granola. It tastes wonderful though! I am having it with a dash of fruit juice and some natural yogurt.
    J x