Sunday, 24 November 2013

Using up carrots: frugal:

OK, so you could make one of the recent soups I have posted, all of which are incredibly tasty, but suppose you don't fancy soup.
If you have a freezer there's no problem.  Freeze them.

This is what I do.
1.  Prepare your carrots as normal and cut into chunks - I always cut them into roasting chunks as that's really what I use frozen carrots for.

2.  Place in a saucepan with water, bring to a boil and simmer for around ten minutes, maybe a little less.  You want them heated through but not cooked!

3.  Drain and cool.  you could plunge into iced water but I don't bother, I just let them cool in the sieve.

4.  Get a baking tray that will fit in your freezer.  Start with a sheet of easy leave or other suitable surface.  Spread the carrots out so they are not touching.  if necessary, lay over another sheet of easy leave and make a second layer (or more if necessary).

5.  Cover your top layer and place the lot in the freezer to 'open freeze'/

6.  The next day, when it's all nicely frozen, pour the carrots into a poly bag, such out the air and seal with a baggie or whatever.

Use as you would use any other frozen veg.  I particularly use them for roasted carrots, just pop then frozen into a roasting dish with the oil already heated, toss in the oil and roast as you would anything else.

I did this yesterday with the rest of the carrots from the garden and that's my Christmas dinner roasted carrots sorted.  I shall do the potatoes today, in the same way, except that I dredge them in flour before open freezing because they then go extra crunchy when they are roasted.  And when Beth brings round the parsnips I will ditto for them too.  It all makes for a much easier Christmas morning for the cook.

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