Saturday, 30 November 2013

Recipe: accidental pork

I meant to get beef mince out of the freezer and I got out pork mince instead.  How stupid.

This is what I did yesterday, cooked in the slow cooker

I chopped two smallish onions, two medium carrots and about an inch of a celery stick (whole stick, not just one rib) and sauted it all in some oil and butter.  Then they went in the slow cooker bowl.

To the pan I added a squeeze of garlic and half a tsp each of cumin, ground coriander and cinnamon.  I fried it out and then put it in the SC too.
Then in went the pork mince to brown before being added to the rest.
I boiled a can of chopped tomatoes and added them, than popped in some marigold stock powder, some water, some lentils and some oats, some salt, pepper and a dollop of balsamin vinegar.
After stirring it all round, I left it on low all day while at work.

In the evening I added some tomato puree and checked the seasoning.  It was quite nice and I had some under mash.

Today I want more veg in it so I intend to saute some red/yellow peppers with some mushrooms and chilli before adding them to the mix.  I might also add some frozen peas and a dash of red wine before heating the lot to a simmer and allowing it to gently steep for a while.

What a right mix, but I bet it will taste OK!!!


  1. All good ingredients so it should be fine

  2. That's from you, is worth hearing, thank you!
    It's just re-simmering now with the added ingredients and the pasta is resting in the fridge. it will be such an easy lunch - the sauce will be hot, the pasta will take a couple of minutes, the garlic bread just needs to be popped in the oven and the parmesan will be grated and ready.
    J x

  3. It definitely did and I will turn it into a 'proper' recipe at some point - as proper as my recipes ever are, that is. Pork mince is very flavoursome.