Saturday, 16 November 2013

Recipe: Spicy carrot and lentil soup: Thermomix and frugal

Another soup.  You see, I have friends over for a lunch tomorrow and I also want all my lunches this week to be made and ready.  It's going to be a very busy week!

For such simple ingredients, this turned out very flavoursome, smooth and warming.  Definitely frugal. at between 25p and 30p per serving (a bit vague because I used cupboard ingredients mostly)  With a good chunk of bread (home made!), that's a filling lunch for under 50p.

an onion, peeled and cut into chunks
some celery, not too much, cut into chunks
about 600g carrot, topped, tailed, washed and chunked
a good half tsp or so of cumin
about 100-ish g red lentils
2 tbsp marigold low sodium vegetable bouillon
a squeeze of garlic puree
boiling water

Put the onion, celery and carrot into the Thermomix bowl and chop for about 10 second on speed 6
Add a lump of butter and the cumin and briefly zizz again to distribute it

Cook on 90, speed 2 for about 7 minutes

Add the lentils, the bouillon powder, the garlic puree and enough boiling water to just below the full mark

Cook on Varoma, speed 2/3, about 16 mins.  You can always give it a little longer if necessary.

Allow to cool for a while, then zizz at speed 8 for 2 mins.  If it is a little too thick, add more water or some milk.

Reheat to piping hot and serve with whatever you fancy really.

It makes about seven good servings (assuming two ladels-full per serving)  It doesn;t have salt or pepper except what is in the bouillon, but it can be added at the end, if needed.

The usual method:
Chop the vegetables finely
Saute them in a large pan in the butter with the cumin.
Add the lentils, bouillon, garlic puree and about 1 litre of boiling water, maybe more.
Simmer until cooked and zizz until smooth.  Check seasonings and adjust, if necessary


  1. I have taken to giving my onions a swift fry in a pan first as I find that when I have made soup the onion always seems to leave the raw taste no matter how long I seem to cook it for but this solves the problem and is only a little extra step.

  2. Interesting. I haven't noticed this but I guess you have a better sense of taste. I'll try your way next time and see. It won't be this week though as I have enough soup to feed the five thousand!
    J x

  3. Haven't had a Thermomix for long so just trying out a few recipes. Just made this soup for tea. Very tasty indeed!

  4. Hi, Marianne, how are you enjoying your Thermomix? Wouldn't be without mine for anything!

  5. Thanks for this - I substituted split yellow peas for the lentils (I was out!) and the colour and flavour are terrific!

  6. I'm really glad you liked it. Yellow split peas also give a fabulous flavour and colour, don't they. Thanks for leaving a comment.
    J x