Saturday 9 February 2013

Sticky sauce with a secret ingredient

I made this sauce for sausages as Alex (grandson, hungry teenager) had lunch here today.  I half cooked the sausages, drained off most of the fat, poured over the sauce and bunged it back in the oven until the sauce was dark and sticky and the sausages cooked.  It was very, very nice so here it is.  I'm afraid I didn't measure amounts and I bet it's not original!

Sticky sauce (nice for sausages, chicken, chops, whatever . . .

about a third of a cup of oil (I used rice bran oil)
same amount of mixed honey and maple syrup (could be half and half but I don't think it really matters)
juice of a lemon (or lemon juice from a bottle)
about tbsp soy sauce
a few drops Lea and Perrins
a squidge of tomato puree
a squidge of garlic puree
a tsp Dijon mustard
and the secret ingredient - two tsps of some cranberry sauce with port that I had made for Christmas and didn't finish (marmalade would be nice instead)

Mix it all together well and pour over the sausages when they are roughly half cooked, reduce the heat and continue cooking until sticky and gooey and cooked.

This made way too much for the six sausages I cooked.  It would easily do 12 or a whole bundle of chipolatas or cocktail sausages.

Thanks to Nigella for the original idea, which has been considerably modified by yours truly.

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