Monday 11 February 2013

Slow roasted beef

Last week I bought a fairly indeterminate lump of beef because it was on special.  The label didn't specify what it was.  Because it could very well be tough and because I don't really go for pink beef anyway, I decided to slow roast it.  This is what I did.

I rubbed some seasoning and some oil over the beef.
In a roasting dish I poured a good sloosh (see how technical I can be) of merlot, some beef stock granules, some pepper, two bay leaves and a dash of Worcester sauce.  I added a roasting rack and around the rack I scattered some onion, carrot and parsnip  - one carrot, half a large onion and half a parsnip, all chopped - and two cloves of garlic.
(actually, I also added the bit of leftover sticky sauce from yesterday, but that's an optional extra that needed using up)
I put the beef on the rack, covered it all with foil and slow roasted it for a very long time - maybe six or seven hours.  I checked once or twice and basted, but that was all.

It was delicious.  It didn't carve very well although I did manage to get some slices, but the meat was melt in the mouth tender and the gravy, when made (bisto and a bit of marmite), was wonderful.  I really enjoyed my dinner!!

I'm no food stylist, so the photo is messy (and the roasted carrots caught a bit, but tasted good anyway!).

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