Monday 18 February 2013

Potato soup

After watching this being made on 'The Good Cook' on Saturday, I decided to have a go myself.  I will have to adapt - I don't have any fatty bacon so I will use my lean bacon and some goose fat which I got for roasties.  I don't have soured cream, but I do have yoghurt, which I prefer.  I don't have chives, but maybe some crispy fried onion bits will be nice, or the lean bacon, thinly sliced into little strips.

And I DO have some King Edwards potatoes.  I couldn't find any for love or money over Christmas so when I saw some in Sainsbury's yesterday I grabbed a bag of them.

It's an easy recipe.  Bacon fried to release the flavour and the fat, fry onion until soft, add the potatoes (rinsed to get rid of a bit of the starch), stock, salt and white pepper, the bacon and a bay leaf (plenty of them in the garden).  Bring to a boil, skim off any scum and simmer, covered, until the potato starts to break up.

Remove the bacon and the bay leaf and push through a mouli.  He says that gives the right texture where a zizzer would make it too smooth for him.  I will see . . .

Reheat, ladle into bowls and serve with soured cream (yoghurt) and chopped chives (bacon and/or fried onion bits - home made, not those nasty ones you can buy).  I think maybe some home made croutons, shallow fried in some goose fat might be delicious.

Anyway, I'm going to have a try and see what I think.  Tasty, easy soups are always welcome in this teacher's home!  Watch this space.

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