Sunday, 24 April 2016

Top tip: scum


A little tip for home jammers.

That 'scum' that you are told to scrape off - I do sometimes, it depends how much and whether it will spoil the look of the jam. Well, there's nothing wrong with it and it is packed with fruity flavour. Keep it and mix it into yogurt for a most delicious breakfast or dessert.

I've just had the scum from some black cherry jam with my breakfast yogurt and - wow, delicious!
No waste either!


  1. To be honest Joy, you are not selling it to me!!!

  2. < grin > I'm certainly not selling it - I'm keeping it all to myself and enjoying every tincy wincy little bit. So there!
    J x :-)

  3. Rachel - I've only just seen your comment here, two months later. Thank you very much!
    J x