Monday, 6 April 2015

Store cupboard: Tuna melt.

I had some tinned tuna mixed with mayo left over after having some on a jacket potato.  This is what I did with it.

You need to use a grill.

2 slices bread, fully toasted on one side and just lightly toasted on the other side
left over tuna mixed with mayo. OK, it doesn't HAVE to be left over, you can open a tin and use some of it!
Some finely grated cheddar
some creamed horseradish

No specific amounts, it's all to taste.

Add the cheese and horseradish to the tuna-mayo mix and stir well.
Spread the mixture over the lightly toasted side of the bread.  Pop under the grill until it's all hot and the top is browning.
Eat immediately!

It's delicious.

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