Sunday, 12 April 2015

Frugal: Pat Parker's Marmalade Cobbler

Another frugal but actually rather delicious idea, borrowed this time from a closed Facebook page called 'Feed Yourself for a Pound a Day'.  I've only just 'joined' and it seems a lovely place with plenty of great ideas and some very supporting users.  It also seems well moderated, which is always a good thing!

Anyway, I can't post a link so I have Pat's permission to write it out - thanks, Pat.

Marmalade cobbler

6oz SR flour
3 oz sugar (I used granulated)
Some garam masala to taste (I queried this and yes, it's right and actually it works really well.  I guess one could use cinnamon, allspice, mixed spice, etc instead, but I'd encourage you to try garam masala if you have any)
Milk and water to mix to a stiff paste (I just used milk)

1/3 jar value marmalade (I used home made which is beeyootifully frugal)

Mix the flour, sugar, spice and milk together.
Put the marmalade in the bottom of a pudding basin and put the mixture on top.  Cover with cling film and pierce in several places.

Cook in the microwave for approx 5 mins - test after 4 mins with a skewer.

I made half amounts and it made enough for three helpings.   The cobbler is quite 'stiff' and not at all cakey and the garam masala spices it up beautifully.  Pat says one could add oil and/or and egg to make it more like a sponge.  I suspect one could add egg substitute such as a very ripe banana that needs using up and I may well try that at some point.

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