Sunday, 9 November 2014

Christmas with Thermione: Bread sauce

This is definitely NOT my recipe.  It is from the one-and-only Delia's web site and I have used it for years.  It is truly delicious, if a bit of a faff.

However, with Thermione it becomes much less of a faff and the dishwasher deals with the rather messy results.

The original recipe is here  so I won't post the amounts, and this is what I did.

First of all I zizzed some bread into breadcrumbs.  I used what the recipe said but it looked a bit runny half way through so I added more.  Next time I will make more to start with and freeze any not used (or keep them for Boxing Day bubbles and squeak patties)

I peeled a large onion and halved it crossways.  I used nutmeg so in went a good grating.  Sometimes I use both nutmeg and cloves which works really well.

Into the bowl went the milk (semi-skimmed, although full fat would be nice), the bay leaf, the peppercorns and the nutmeg.  I also added a little salt but it can always be adjusted at the end, if necessary.

I brought it up to boiling point, staying in the kitchen because I wasn't sure quite how long it needed but I forgot to note how long it actually took.  It was on reverse speed 1 as I didn't want to smash the onion, etc to bits.
Once it had reached boiling, I took the bowl off the base, covered it with a towel and left it to steep so the flavours all developed.

When I was ready, I used a slatted spoon to remove the onion, bay leaf and as many of the peppercorns as I could.
Then I tipped in the breadcrumbs and some butter, put the bowl back on the base and gave it 20 mins at 90, stirring speed.  Then I checked and felt it was a bit thin so added some more breadcrumbs.  Off came the bowl again, back in went the onion and bay leaf and it stood until just before needed.

Finally I removed the onion and bay leaf again, added the remaining butter and some cream, zizzed it briefly and then reheated to 90, speed 1.  I checked the seasoning and added a bit more salt and a bit of white pepper.
(In the interests of frugality, I did wonder about re-using the onions in a soup but couldn't be bothered.  It's an option though, and the bread sauce bits that cling would help to thicken the soup)

It was scrummy!  That's the way for me from now on, for sure!  I shall make it the day before and just reheat it in the microwave, I think.  That means the very last bit - adding the butter and cream, etc - can be left until then.

And if you've never made bread sauce before - do consider it.  It's amazing with turkey (or chicken).

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