Sunday, 2 November 2014

Chestnut and lentil soup

The 'inspiration' for this was two packets of vacuum packed chestnuts (Merchant Gourmet) that were < cough > ready to use (and some)!!

I made it and it was a little thin so I added some lentils and cooked it up again.  Very nice!  I might freeze this one for a lunch over the Christmas holiday  although I might have some of this before then - like today!.

Ingredients to make a lot
about a third of a fresh veg soup mix (I used the one from Morrison's, of course)
one onion, peeled and chopped
one medium potato, peeled and chopped
a blob of soft butter
two knorr vegetable stock pots
two packets of merchant gourmet vacu packed chestnuts
some red/orange lentils
a good grinding of nutmeg
some garlic (I used crushed garlic in a jar - about half a tsp)
boiling water
(I also had some white wine left, just a bit, so I added it)

Put the veg and the butter in the Thermomix bowl and give them a gentle reverse spin so that the butter coats the veg.
Saute at 100, reverse speed 2, 10 minutes

Add the remaining ingredients and top up to the 2l mark with boiling water (and add wine at this point if you're using it).  When I use commercial stock, I tend not to add any more salt but it's really to taste and you can add some at the end if you feel it is necessary.  I don't.

Cook at 100, speed 2 for 15 mins.

Allow to cool a bit.
Zizz on 10 for around a minute, going up to speed slowly and bringing back down again slowly.
Check seasonings and adjust if necessary

It's very smooth, very 'creamy' and really rather nice.  Definitely good for Christmas.


  1. Chest nuts are a great filler I used some in a venison stew which was most successful

  2. That sounds rather good!
    J x