Friday, 9 May 2014

And finally: accidental soup

So called because it wasn't in the plan but was made from leftover bits.

Accidental soup:
So I looked and I had some ingredients left over from making my meals - kidney beans, peas, leeks, carrot, etc and over half a can of chopped tomatoes plus some herbs and the broccoli stalks which I wasn't going to throw away.
So I piled all the veg apart from the beans and the peas into Thermione, added the chopped tomatoes, salt, herbs and some water, chopped and then cooked it all until everything was soft.  Then I gave it a good zizz (I needed to add a bit more water) and checked the seasoning.
I then added the beans and peas before pouring the lot into a container to freeze it.

And because I am posting this after I had the meal, here's a photo!  There's some left over (it was thick and very filling) so I'm going to jazz it up a bit, add some chicken and have it with pasta for my meal this evening.  Mmmmmmm . . .

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  1. Accidental soup is my favourite kind!
    Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for all your support the last couple of weeks. I wasn't handling things very well and you really helped me - so thank you so much!