Sunday, 29 December 2013

Recipe: ham, turkey and vegetables in a creamy sauce: some leftovers

As Diane said the other day, this is hardly a recipe because I'm not giving amounts, but it is really delicious so I am sharing.

turkey dripping
leek, sliced
red pepper, chunks
baby corn, chunks,
chestnut mushrooms, sliced
chunks of cooked ham and cooked turkey (white and brown meat)
turkey stock
plain flour
marigold stock powder
grated cheddar (I would have used Stilton but didn't have any)
mixed dried herbs
pinch mustard powder

(It looks a long list but basically, whatever veg you have plus other bits and bobs!  Leftover sprouts would be good.)

Place a little turkey dripping and butter in a saucepan and melt.  Add the leek, red pepper and baby corn and saute gently on a low heat for quite a while until it's all soft and smelling wonderful.
Add some plain flour and stir in well, continue to fry for a short time, stirring.
Add the turkey stock and stir well as it comes to a boil and thickens.
Add some cream, seasonings, marigold stock powder, mustard powder and grated and continue to stir until it is all incorporated.  You should have a thick-ish sauce.  It it's too thin, mix some more flour with some butter to make a beurre manie (imagine the accent at the end, please) and add it bit by bit, stirring, until it is the thickness you want
Add the ham and turkey and very carefully stir it in.  Reheat, check seasonings and adjust if needed and it's ready.

I'm using it to make a pie with a puff pastry topping but it would be lovely with rice, pasta, creamy mash, etc.  You could add roasted chestnuts to the mix too or a bit of cranberry sauce.  Mmmmm


  1. Made a very similar recipe yesterday but added some stuffing right at the end. It will be used for a Christmas Dinner Pie

  2. Stuffing would be nice but we finished all ours off! :-) Dinner is over now and it was truly delicious!

  3. Sounds great and what a way to get rid of lots of leftovers

  4. It was delicious and yes, it did sort out a lot of bits and pieces. I have the leftovers for this evening too, which is great!