Saturday, 28 December 2013

Recipe: Christmas ice cream: leftovers, therefore frugal

It has to be frugal as it's using all leftovers which otherwise might (possibly) be thrown out, but you could make it from scratch.  I don't advise it, not with mince pie and Christmas pud involved and it wouldn't be at all frugal!

Christmas Ice Cream
Leftover custard (mine was 'real' custard, made in Thermione), chilled
More or less two thirds of an equivalent amount of double cream, chilled - I don't think the exact measures matter all that much.
One mince pie, crumbled
A bit of Christmas pud, crumbled or finely chopped, if rather solid

Mix well the cold custard with the cream.  Pour into a freezer container, wrap and freeze for four hours until foing solid.
Place contents into a blender (I used Thermione) and zizz well.  This breaks up the ice crystals that otherwise form.
Replace in container, wrap  and freeze for another four hours or so.
Zizz again.
Before freezing for a final time, stir in the pud and the mince pie bits.
Wrap and freeze.
Half an hour before eating, take out of the freezer to soften slightly - it makes it easier to scoop and serve.

It's REALLY nice.  Worth a try!
I'm not sure how nice it would be with an instant custard but I'm sure it wouldn't be nasty at all.

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