Saturday, 30 January 2016

Frugal: one large cauliflower

Over a week ago I found a yellow sticker cauli - a HUGE beast, it was - for 60p.
I did mean to use it earlier but real life took over!

Anyway, today I cut off all the florets and blended them into tiny grains and now have six portions of cauliflower rice/couscous to go into the freezer (I googled and it said you can) and I had the stalks and some inner leaves left.

I used them to make rather a delicious soup.

I won't go into what I did - if you look back in this blog, you will see that all my soups are made in more or less the same way - but these are the ingredients.

cauliflower stalks and a few of the inside leaves
an onion
a carrot
an outer rib of celery
some butter (oil would be fine)
a tsp Pataks rogan josh curry paste
a vegetable stock pot
a squidge of garlic
some nutmeg
boiling water
black pepper
three tbsp fat free fromage frais (because it needed using as it's well past its date but is still OK), added at the end
(and I added a little salt at the end after zizzing, adding the fromage frais and tasting)

It's made at least four portions, might be more when I portion it out for the freezer.

Now that's what I call frugal!  :-)

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